If you are trying to use coupons but you're having trouble keeping them organized in a certain fashion, I'd like to recommend the solution.  I've been using Mrs. A's Grocery Coupon Organizer for several weeks now, and it's done miracles for me in my shopping trips.  No longer do I have to sift through an envelope to see what I have.  With Mrs. A's Grocery Coupon Organizer, a 3-ring binder with clear coupon pockets and 12 color-coded tabs correlating to sections of the grocery store where things are usually found, I know what coupons I have, when they expire, and what the offer is on the coupon.  I turn the pages of my organizer depending on what section of the store I'm in, and I usually find what I'm looking for.  If I don't have the coupons I need, I don't worry about it.

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