Frequently Asked Questions

Can anyone join?

As long as you are 18 years of age. Yes.

Can I have multiple accounts?

Yes, to increase your earnings you may wish to sign up for multiple accounts under yourself. Sign up using a  different email address.

How much does your program cost me?

There is a one-time $34.95 or $59.95 fee to participate in this program, depending on which Level you wish to start at, and that fee is per account, divided into $25 or $50 for the program, $9.95 for admin fee.

This will include:

  • Lifetime banner ads for up to 4 websites/opportunities

  • Printable Grocery Coupons

  • A FREE upgraded membership into Bundle Barn, one of our partner programs.

  • Downloadable Cookbooks and other media

  • FREE Lead System

  • Groceries 4 Life membership card

  • Optional FREE Mrs. A's Coupon Organizer to help you get organized

  • Recipe contest, available through members area, for additional opportunities to win cash and other prizes.

  • And an opportunity to earn "Groceries 4 Life", extra grocery money as you cycle through the program in our Level 2 and Level 3 2x2 forced matrices, earning you simultaneous payments of $150 and $300 over and over again.

  • $5 referral bonus for EVERY direct referral, paid directly to Paypal within 24 hours.

What exactly am I buying?

You are purchasing lifetime banner advertising for up to 4 programs of your choice (No adult content allowed, PERIOD), access to downloadable cookbooks, recipes, and other helpful content through the members area, and entry into our income program which will earn you $5 instant payments per direct referral and lifetime cycle earnings of $150 and $300.  You may submit your details for up to 4 programs, website, etc that you own or are an affiliate of, through the members' area once you've made your one-time payment.

Are there any other fees I should be aware of before joining?

NO...The $34.95 or $59.95 one-time fee is broken up, $50 to the program, $9.95 to the admin.  There are no other fees ever.

What processors do you use?

We accept payments through our main processor: Paypal.
We plan to add STP as the program generates more interest, to make it available to our neighbors in Canada as well as perhaps other international countries.

Don't have an account?

Sign up for a Paypal account by clicking here.

What do I earn for promoting your program?

For full program details on how it all works, how many advertising credits you will receive, or how much you can earn as an affiliate, please view the How It Works page from the menu above.

How and when am I paid?

Every time you cycle in the program, you will be sent an email, asking you if you'd like Grocery Cards and Visa Gift Cards or Cash.  Grocery Gift Cards and Visa Gift Cards will be sent directly to your provided address.  Cash will be deposited to your nominated processor account (ie., Paypal, STP, etc.)

What is your refund policy?

REFUND POLICY - Once a membership payment is received, your account is automatically marked paid through Paypal, banner advertising is issued within 24 hours, and your complimentary upgraded membership to "Bundle Barn" ($25 value), giving you access to over 1000's of recipes, is offered. You will also be given access to our downloadable grocery coupons, all in the "Members Area."  Login details will be send in an email once you've filled out your order form when your payment has been made.


What are your Terms of Service?

Terms of Service - The one-time fee of $34.95 or $59.95 is paying for ADVERTISING THAT DOES NOT EXPIRE and LIFETIME ACCESS TO MEMBERS AREA which includes downloadable cookbooks/recipes and access to exclusive printable grocery coupons.  Should you wish to quit earning your $150 and $300 over and over again, you may withdraw from the program by sending an email to the program administrator by clicking on "Contact Us" above.  Doing this will remove you from the matrix earnings, but your advertising and members area access will remain for your use.

I CANNOT access the Members Area. Why?

Once you've paid and your payment has been confirmed, you will receive a welcome letter with the username and password for the Members Area.  Do not give out this information, as the content within the Members Area is part of what you're paying for.

How many banner or text ads can I put in?

Per membership, you are allowed to promote up to 4 programs, websites, etc.  You will submit your banner link and website link details in the membership order form once you've paid for your membership.

Where will my banners be displayed?

Your banners will be displayed in rotating banners throughout this website and our network of websites, including but not limited to the following:

Do you have a PIF (pay it forward) option?

Our PIF program is a little different, but will change as interest and participation increases in the program.  Currently, you may purchase "Gift Certificates" to give to friends, co-workers, family, etc.  This certificate, since it's already been paid for by you, is a FREE PASS for them into the program.  Plus, since you're already a member, we waive the Admin fee of $9.95 from the cost of the certificate, making the certificate cost only $25.  Note: You may not purchase a certificate for yourself, as all transactions are tracked closely.

Where is my promised downline or spill over?

This program and the owner makes NO such claims or promises! The program promises to provide you with a means to advertise your other favorite programs to all proven buyers online as the product, and to provide a great sales commission system that can be very profitable for anyone who dedicates a little time and effort to share the program with others. If you earn commissions from this program, you will be paid as per the terms of the affiliate program! That is the ONLY guarantee or promise I as the owner make. If you have been promised a certain downline number, or promised spill over, or any other claims made from an outside team promoting this program, please take this matter up with the team making the promise and not the program or the owner of Groceries 4 Life.

How can I cancel my account?

Simply send an email to with your first and last name and email address used and ask that your account be terminated. Your account will be removed within 48 hours. All advertising, downlines, and commissions will be forfeited from the program.

I have questions not answered here?

Simply click on CONTACT US at the top of any page, and shoot me an email. I will give you a response as soon as I can! If asked enough, I will add it here to the FAQ page.