Lesson 2:

Getting Organized with

Mrs. A's

"Our award-winning coupon organizer is the most innovative way to organize coupons. Unlike all other coupon organizers, this coupon organizer includes patented coupon holder pages that let you see and use multiple grocery coupons at a glance. No more fumbling with coupons one at a time. Increase coupon savings like never before! This is the best coupon organizer you will ever buy! In sizes for occasional couponing up to extreme couponing." www.mrsascouponorganizer.com
  • Rated the #1 Coupon Organizer
  • 3-ring binder with 12 color-coded tab sections
  • Clear coupon pockets help you know what you have, what your coupons are worth, and when they expire.  No more sifting through an envelope
  • Extra binder pockets for shopping lists, other coupons, etc.
  • Color-Coded shopping list included
  • Binder can lay flat in seat of card for ease of use and turning pages.